Social Media Management

Today, your audience lives online.

Strategic management of social platforms for clients is a natural extension of public relations as we engage followers through impactful and creative storytelling to drive engagement, awareness, and business.

This is why engagement on social networks is no longer an add-on consideration, it’s a strategic necessity.

Understanding what platforms your audiences choose and the conversations they are having provides opportunities and inroads to create desired awareness, valuable conversations, and convincing calls to action.

Our experienced team embraces best practices across multiple formats to create integrated, unique digital campaigns and strategic approaches across social media.

At INPR, we handle all aspects of planning and implementation of the event’s content across social media platforms to drive engagement, increase followers, and most importantly increase business and visitation.

We work with you to thoroughly understand your identity and goals to develop messages and posts that increase engagement and following, with our Social Media Management, we build trust, credibility, and ultimately loyalty for your organization.

Our social Media Services For Companies include:

– Tell compelling stories and authentically engage with prospects and influencers alike.
– Social Media Audits & Strategies
– Paid Social Media Campaigns
-Social media Advertising
– Organic, Optimized Social Media Content
– Social Media Creative
– Promoting content
– Influencer Marketing
– Blogger & Influencer Engagement

Our team is well-versed in social platforms, present creative, compelling content.

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