Exhibition & Conferences

Typically, with any PR campaign, it makes sense to create an event that will allow us to introduce your brand to key press, media, and influencers in your industry. We will produce your event concept using our traditional PR and social media PR strategies to maximize the exposure, results, and value of your event.

Long decades of experience possessed by the INPR founders in the management and organization of exhibitions and conferences in various fields and sectors, as they organized a lot of public and private exhibitions in all their regulatory and media forms, sizes, marketing objectives, and marketing, to achieve plans and recommendations of participants, as well as the realization of objectives of the invitees and attendees, to achieve common successes.

The founders participated in countless list of conferences and exhibitions such as multilateral events in all their forms from sectoral conferences and exhibitions with large-scale government participations, to press conferences, public and closed panel discussions between the parties of issues, as well as the specific roundtables for joint frameworks between competitors and government agencies.

we’ve been able to help hundreds of clients to get the attention they need and more through planning and executing their events.

INPR handles all of the event details from securing the right venue, curating the guest list, planning the décor, the menu, entertainment, gift bags, securing sponsorship & VIPs, photography, and facilitating all of the duties on the day of the event.

Through event marketing, we amplify your brand, We create unforgettable moments of connection.


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