Content Creation

our storytelling formula is rooted in understanding your objectives and implementing a list of services that moves the meter forward, by surfacing opinions that matter through written content, clients can take control of their message, and join the national conversation on their own terms.

We have a team that Producing Content, develops and determines the appropriate news angles of your story, and then crafts tailored pitches, targeted at individual editors, reporters, journalists, and producers.

Our dedicated content department sets us apart in the world of PR. Prominent journalists, writers, and executive-level marketers come together to tell your story in your voice so that it breaks through.

The team of INPR includes researchers and designers of the highest degree of efficiency and excellence, to create and present the best and latest display tools from interactive infographics, images, designs, and graphs, as well as introductory and promotional videos with the highest technology.

we are crafting an effective and informative media kit that includes all the necessary information about your brand including BIOs, History, Product Information, and Press Coverage.

From thought-leading bylined articles and op-eds (that we write and place for you) to press releases, blogs, and e-books, it’s our brand of high-quality, compelling content that strengthens your credibility with media, customers, and investors.

It’s important not just to know what to say, but how to say it to be heard by those you’re trying to reach, We Do It ?

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